U.S. Ambassador to Russia to attend Putin-Biden summit

John Sullivan called Joe Biden “a strong defender of US interests”.

U.S. Ambassador to Russia to attend Putin-Biden summit

According to TASS, on Wednesday, the press secretary of the US Embassy in the Russian Federation, Jason Rebholz, announced on his Twitter page that the US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan will take part in the upcoming summit of the Russian and US presidents in Geneva on June 16.

“I look forward to joining the President in Geneva next week. President Biden is a resolute defender of US interests, and we will have an excellent team that will support him when we meet with the leadership of the Russian Federation on the entire range of pressing issues that affect US-Russian relations”, – the spokesman quoted Sullivan as saying.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the participation of Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov and US Ambassador to the Russian Federation John Sullivan in the summit of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva is not excluded, but there is no final decision yet.


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