U.S. admits that completion of Nord Stream-2 is a reality

Blinken called the completion of the construction of Nord Stream-2 a reality. At the same time, he noted that the United States is studying how to act in order to support the interests of Ukraine.

U.S. admits that completion of Nord Stream-2 is a reality

The American administration recognizes that the completion of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline is, in fact, already a reality. Therefore, now he is concentrating on how to support the interests of Ukraine and a number of other Eastern European states in the emerging situation.

“The reality is that the physical completion [of construction] of the pipeline was actually a done deal. The question for the future boils down to what is our most effective [American] action to support the interests of Ukraine and other affected countries, as well as our own”, – Blinken said at a hearing before the US Senate Appropriations Committee.

According to him, the United States does not want to “poison the well”, that is, spoil relations with one of its closest allies, Germany, by imposing sanctions on participants in the Nord Stream-2 project.

Washington is trying to avoid a situation in which “remove any incentives for Germany” that would facilitate its interaction with the United States in the light of the completion of the pipeline, confirmed the head of the American Foreign Ministry.

Russian political scientist Sergei Markov commented on the Secretary of State’s statements on Facebook:

“Blinken said that the United States must come to terms with the fact that Nord Stream-2 has actually been built. And now the US must focus on new challenges in connection with the Nord Stream”.

So, according to Markov, the first task is to create a system so that Russia cannot put forward political demands to Europe because of its gas. The second is to ensure that payments to Ukraine for Russian gas do not decrease.

From this, the expert concludes that the United States will move away from the policy of sanctions against the “Nord Stream-2”. And they will focus on limiting the amount of gas through it.

“They will also strive for Germany to demand from Russia guarantees that Russia will pay Ukraine about 2 billion as before for pumping gas, regardless of the volumes that will actually be pumped through the Ukrainian GTS. All the same, Russia needs to take a tougher position. Although not now, but when the gas pipeline is already operational. It’s time to stop paying this tribute to the Kiev khans”, – concluded Markov.


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