Polish PM says Russia may hinder Chinese expansion

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki believes that from a strategic point of view, Russia can become an obstacle to the expansion of Chinese influence around the world.

Polish PM says Russia may hinder Chinese expansion

“From our strategic point of view, Russia can become one of the obstacles to the further growth of China and the expansion of its influence around the world. However, for this to happen, we need Russia to be a truly peaceful and non-aggressive country, which is hard to imagine”, – said the head of the Polish Cabinet in an interview with the American edition of Newsweek.

He also noted that in eastern countries, Russia is less often viewed as a threat.

Answering a journalist’s question about Poland’s policy towards China, taking into account the growth of Chinese investments in Central and Eastern Europe and the desire of the Chinese company Huawei to gain a foothold in the market in the region, the Prime Minister noted that Poland will focus on the United States and European leaders in its actions.

“We want to proceed from a position of solidarity when it comes to Huawei and other threats from China. Steps and decisions must be taken collectively, or at least by dominant countries. The United States and ten large European countries must develop a collective position on China”, – Moravetsky said.

At the same time, he stressed that if China will honestly compete in the European market, without dumping prices, without using “slave labor”, then this is only welcome.

The prime minister noted that relations between Poland and China had become strained after two Chinese spies were arrested by Polish intelligence two years ago.


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