Ex-head of secret program of Pentagon says nuclear facilities in U.S. were “turned off” by aliens

According to Luis Elizondo, “unknown aerial phenomena” are not the development of Russia, China or the United States.

Ex-head of secret program of Pentagon says nuclear facilities in U.S. were "turned off" by aliens

Luis Elizondo, former director of the Pentagon’s classified program for collecting and analyzing data on “anomalous aerospace threats”, said in an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday that unidentified flying objects (UFOs) had a direct impact on US nuclear installations. As is customary in the US Department of Defense, he calls UFOs an “unknown aerial phenomenon” (UFO).

“In our country, there have already been cases when these NVYs intervened and actually “turned off” our nuclear potential <…> But in the same context, we have evidence that in other countries they intervened in their nuclear technologies and actually turned on them, put them into operation. Therefore, it is no less important to me”, – Elizondo argued.

“It seems that there is some correspondence or some kind of overlap between these UFO or UEF sightings and our nuclear technology, be it nuclear engines, nuclear power or nuclear weapons systems. Moreover, these same observations were made abroad in other countries. They also had the same incidents, so this tells us about a global problem”.

He also commented on the US intelligence report, which has not yet been released. An unclassified version is expected to be presented to the US Congress by June 25th. Elizondo emphasized that the report states that the NEF are not a development of Russia, China or the United States.

“We learned this week from the top management discussions that this report conclusively affirms, once and for all, that this is not our technology. And this is very important. Thus, there are only two options, and again this is a foreign confrontation or something completely different. And I think that now we are starting to find out – as we heard from the Director of National Intelligence – and I can tell you from my own experience that we are quite sure that this is not Russian or Chinese technology”, – the expert said.

In his opinion, the report will indicate that there are about 100 cases of UFO sightings, which are convincing enough to require further careful study of this phenomenon.


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