Orban calls EU foreign policy a “laughing stock”

In a statement, the Hungarian prime minister said that Brussels should stop making nonsensical declarations

Orban calls EU foreign policy a "laughing stock"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban explained the Hungarian veto of the EU’s joint statement condemning China in connection with the events in Hong Kong, European Pravda reported.

“We understand if – for internal, domestic political reasons – a member state wants to present a piece of paper with the EU logo on it. But there is a limit to that. In recent years, this general foreign policy approach, motivated by domestic political considerations, has made the European Union’s foreign policy stance a laughing stock… We look like pathetic paper tigers, and our futile statements are a laughing stock for the rest of the world”, –  Orban said.

He added that it is time for EU heads of state and government to bypass the foreign policy bureaucrats who shape declarations and “take the big strategic issues into their own hands, as they did recently at the European Council on Russia.”
“Regarding Europe’s policy toward China, we believe that we must prevent a resurgence of Cold War politics and culture in world politics. It is also against the interests of Europe, Central Europe and Hungary to revive the Cold War,” Orban added.
Recall that last week Hungary blocked the EU’s intentions to oppose China over Hong Kong. This is the second time in the last three weeks that the Hungarian government is the only one among the EU countries to refuse to join the other 26 member states


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