“No proof, but Russia has already been blamed” – Ukrainian media outlets go viral over Dutch police hacking

Today at the same time in many Ukrainian online publications appeared a reprint of an article in the Dutch de Volkskrant, which refers to the hacking of the Dutch police system

"No proof, but Russia has already been blamed" - Ukrainian media outlets go viral over Dutch police hacking


Despite the fact that the Dutch themselves do not cite any evidence and do not dare to accuse Russia directly, the Ukrainian media have already drawn an unequivocal conclusion about the ubiquitous “Russian hackers”. 

Apparently catching the syndrome from their elders overseas, who have recently been accusing hackers from Russia of causing all their troubles, the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD claimed to have discovered a Russian cyber attack on police IT systems that occurred as far back as 2017.

The Dutch de Volkskrant, describing the hacking technology, explains that “Russians”, more specifically the hacker group Cozy Bear, allegedly invaded the secret networks through a server of the local police academy. The incident then caused a genuine panic among the Dutch security services, pointing them to a clear “hole” in their security system.

According to the Dutch intelligence agencies themselves, it has not been possible to ascertain whether the hackers managed to gain access to any sensitive information, including files regarding the investigation into the MH17 crash, which was handled by the Dutch police in those years, either then in 2017 or now in 2021.

“There were a lot of question marks. How long had they been in the system? Was this the first time they had collected data? It was unclear”, –  a source told de Volkskrant.

As a result, neither the Dutch police themselves, nor the local counterintelligence agency AIVD give a definitive answer about Russia’s involvement in the hacking attack, and the attack itself is talked about in the subjunctive mood. But this “indecisiveness” has not stopped the Ukrainian media from blowing the news out of Holland, supplying it with completely unsubstantiated comments about Cozy Bear’s 100% proven connection to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, and Russia’s “interference” in the investigation of the Malaysian Boeing crash in the sky over Donbass.


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