NATO says ready to “protect” allies from Minsk and Moscow

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with La Repubblica newspaper that the Alliance is ready to defend every ally against any danger “emanating from Minsk or Moscow”

NATO says ready to "protect" allies from Minsk and Moscow

“NATO is a defensive alliance, but we are on guard and, of course, ready in an emergency to defend any of its members against any threat emanating from Minsk or Moscow”, –  Stoltenberg said.

The main threat, he said, is “the strengthening of cooperation between Russia and China at the political and military levels” and tougher forms of terrorism and cyber attacks.

Russian Federation Senator Alexei Pushkov commented on the NATO Secretary General’s statement in his Telegram channel. In his opinion, Stoltenberg “is no longer enough of one “Russian threat” and decided to invent something new to justify the huge expenditures of the Alliance.

“Since no one threatens NATO in reality, and only the alliance itself threatens everyone it can (aggression against Yugoslavia, Libya, war in Afghanistan, deployment of troops on the borders with Russia, etc.), Stoltenberg decided to urgently scare … Minsk! The “Russian threat” alone is no longer enough for him. Something new must be invented to justify enormous spending on NATO. This is the first time they heard in Europe, and in the world, that Belarus poses a military threat to anybody. The NATO Secretary General is obviously having a crisis of genre”, –  said Pushkov.


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