It became known when the first branch of Nord Stream-2 will be built

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalny said that gas could be started along the completed branch of Nord Stream-2 as early as 2021, TASS reported

It became known when the first branch of Nord Stream-2 will be built

“Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that within a year. I would agree with that estimate”, –  Zavalny said in response to a question about the commissioning of the pipeline.

He also stressed that if the test and commissioning works “were not carried out in the mode of counteraction, this is one issue, everything is clear and clear,” and “when there is counteraction and it is not clear where what comes from – the sanctions, the lawsuits of environmentalists, then it is another matter. However, according to the politician, activists can not prevent the completion of the work.

“In the long run, if the Green Party passes in the elections, they have ambitions to take the Chancellor’s seat. Of course, the authorities are able to halt the development of any project and create problems. But they do not think about the fact that they will then have to pay the companies that invested in this project”, –  he said.

Despite the final stage of the construction of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream-2, Kiev continues to escalate the situation and convince Washington of the “danger” of the gas pipeline.


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