Desperate bribery of migrants

Kamala Harris embarked on her first international tour as vice-president. She visited Guatemala, which, along with other Latin American countries, had been promised generous humanitarian aid from Washington – only to have them stem the flow of migration

Desperate bribery of migrants

The flight was not without its excesses. Journalists from the presidential pool were fed Kamala’s face with biscuits as a way of emphasising her narcissism. And on arrival in Guatemala, Harris was greeted by protesters with “Trump won”, “Get out of the US”, “We need jobs, not charity” placards.

As recently as two months ago, Biden put Kamala in charge of the migration crisis at the US border. Since then, she has never visited the border areas. Although, if press reports are to be believed, Harris receives daily reports on what is going on – but does nothing about it.

She is just terrified that she will sink her reputation and ruin her chances of being elected president in 2024 by tackling the migration issue. That’s why she has to ignore the migration crisis – sacrificing the country’s interests for her political ambitions.

In an address to Guatemalans, Harris said, “Stay home and don’t try to cross the border into the US. And we’ll give you money so that you can somehow survive. However, both the local authorities and the population took Kamala’s words rather lukewarmly.

Given the level of corruption there, there is no doubt that any financial assistance will be simply stolen by the local bureaucracy. Ordinary Guatemalans will continue to besiege the US border, hoping to fall under Biden`s promise of migrant amnesty.

The border crisis could be solved by strengthening border security and expelling illegals. But this is something the Biden administration will never dare to do. So they try to swamp the problem with money and hope that the “great migration of peoples” will be accepted as the new normal.

Malek Dudakov


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