CNN obtained recordings of Giuliani, Volker and Yermak talks

The conversation, which can be heard on the recording, is dated July 2019

CNN obtained recordings of Giuliani, Volker and Yermak talks

According to tg channel Klymenko Time, the Democrat-backed US TV channel CNN has obtained audio recordings with voices similar to those of Rudy Giuliani (Trump’s lawyer), Kurt Volker (diplomat, lobbyist, former US special envoy to Ukraine) and Andrey Yermak (head of the Ukrainian presidential office).

“Judging by the way Giuliani’s and Volker’s voices sound in the conversation, and Andriy Yermak’s – it looks very much like our Ukrainian side was the one recording the conversation! The voice of the OP’s head is much “cleaner” on the recording. It looks more like a dictaphone recording of a person sitting next to him. Giuliani’s and Volker’s voices, on the contrary, are purely telephone-sounding”, –  the tg-channel journalists said.

In their view, the Office of the President of Ukraine “leaked” the conversations with Giuliani and Volker to CNN.
Briefly on the substance of the conversation:

Giuliani insisted that Ukraine investigate possible interference in the 2016 US election and the corruption of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden in Ukraine. Together with Volker, they promised “plushies” for this – a visit to the US by Zelensky, personal meetings with Giuliani. Andrey Yermak tried to skirt the corners and gave no specific guarantees, but made it clear that he would work towards the investigation.

According to CNN, records show Giuliani “ruthlessly pressured and persuaded the Ukrainian government in 2019 to investigate unwarranted conspiracies” against Biden. The call itself was a “precursor” to Trump’s phone dialogue with Zelensky. And those conversations became “a central part of Trump’s first impeachment”.

“As you can see, CNN, in the best tradition of the ‘liberal media’, gives the recordings an extremely unequivocal assessment, managing between the lines to state unequivocally (and without evidence) that the Ukrainian affairs of Biden and his son are ‘unfounded conspiracies’. However, if in the end it turns out that the tapes were leaked to CNN by the Ukrainian side, it may turn out to be a problem for Zelensky’s team when the Republicans come to power again. And if Trump returns to the Oval Office… The OP certainly does not want that.


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