Growing public tensions over upcoming meeting between Russian and US leaders

The upcoming meeting between the U.S. and Russian presidents has set a special tone in the foreign policy arena

Growing public tensions over upcoming meeting between Russian and US leaders
World leaders and organizations are in a hurry to outline their principled and strategic positions on key priorities. The activity of such statements looks like a public agreement on the global agenda of the forthcoming summit aimed at preventing a détente in bilateral relations.

Thus, President Biden made some succinct theses for the Washington Post article, which anticipate the “results” of the forthcoming meeting:
– The US leader intends to meet with Russian President V. Putin after discussions with friends and partners (EU and NATO) and is ready to respond to Moscow’s challenge to European security;
– intends to discuss human rights with V. Putin and stresses that he is ready to respond to Russia’s “future detrimental actions”;
– wants a stable and predictable relationship with Russia, working together on strategic stability and arms control;
– The US does not seek conflict with Russia.

Biden’s position is complemented and in fact corrected by the NATO Secretary General. Jens Stoltenberg called the strengthening of cooperation between Russia and China a serious challenge for the alliance. According to him, Moscow and Beijing increasingly coordinate their actions in international organizations, including the United Nations. In addition, the two countries are conducting joint maneuvers, long-range combat aircraft flights and naval operations, as well as actively exchanging experience in the use of combat systems and control over the internet.

And to support NATO’s position, the head of German counterintelligence, T. Haldenwang, argues that Russian intelligence services are as active in the FRG now as they were during the Cold War. He notes a “significant increase in activity”. According to Haldenwang, Russia has interests in Germany in all political spheres. He also noted that the means of operation of the Russian intelligence service were becoming increasingly “brutal”. The theses of the head of counterintelligence were also confirmed in an interview with BND (Intelligence Service) head B. Kahl, who noted that China and Russia were conducting destructive work.

It is possible to predict the build-up of public tension that will fill the international agenda on the eve of the most important international event, “devastating” the results in advance.



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