Biden intends to exclude China from global trade rulemaking

US president says the state will continue to push for “a united, free and peaceful Europe”

Biden intends to exclude China from global trade rulemaking

The United States and Europe, not China, should work out the rules of global trade and technology. That was the message in an article by U.S. Chief of Staff Joe Biden published in The Washington Post on Saturday.

The article focuses on Biden’s forthcoming European tour, during which he will attend the Group of Seven (11-13 June in the British resort town of Carbis Bay), NATO and US-EU summits (14 and 15 June in Brussels). The US president will meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva on 16 June.

“In Brussels, I will meet with the heads of the European Commission and the European Council to discuss how the US and Europe can work closely on global challenges. We will focus on how to ensure that market democracies, not China or anyone else, work out the rules of trade and technology for the 21st century”, – Biden said. – “We will continue to push for a united, free and peaceful Europe.”

Biden said his trip was aimed at demonstrating his ability to meet challenges and contain threats.

“Whether it’s fighting a pandemic, addressing an escalating climate crisis, or countering damaging activity from Russia and China, the United States must lead the world from a position of strength”, –  he argued. Biden called for investing in infrastructure to defend against threats. According to the White House chief, “democracies can offer” to counter China’s modernization of digital and medical infrastructure.


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