Russian military deliver aid to Christian church in Syria

Servicemen of the Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties of the Russian Federation in Syria delivered humanitarian aid to the Christian community of the city of Kamyshli in northeastern Syria, a representative of the Center told reporters.

Russian military deliver aid to Christian church in Syria

“We gave out 280 humanitarian kits. The composition of the kit is standard – flour, rice, sugar, tea, condensed milk. All residents were satisfied”, – said Dmitry Breduchev, a representative of the Center.

According to him, the Russian military also attended a prayer service in a local Christian church, and a children’s orchestra at the church presented a musical program for the representatives of the TsPVS.

As the abbot Abdukhas Musa Abdala noted, the local residents are very grateful that the Russian military personnel are present in the region.

We pray for every Russian soldier who has died. We express our deep gratitude and love to the Russian Federation”, – he added.

“Today we held a prayer service together with our Russian friends. We saw that Russian friends are very simple-minded, they made our children very happy, and we express our deep gratitude for their visit, we are always glad to see such meetings and want them to be repeated”, – a parishioner of the church, Fatima al-Zulhiya, told the correspondents.

The capital of Haseke province – the city of Kamishli – is considered one of the Christian centers of the country. Before the war, the Christian population of the city reached about 40 thousand people, and more than half of them were parishioners of the Syrian Orthodox Church.

With the outbreak of hostilities, almost half of the Christians were forced to leave Qamishli. Now they are gradually returning to their city. In many ways, this became possible thanks to the presence of Russian military personnel in the region, who are the guarantors of security.

Since the beginning of the settlement process, the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties has carried out 2,895 humanitarian actions. The total weight of the humanitarian cargo was more than 5 thousand tons.


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