NYT: Iranian UAVs Attack US Bases in Iraq

Armed formations associated with Iran have repeatedly attacked US military installations in Iraq using drones in recent months. This is stated in an article in The New York Times.

NYT: Iranian UAVs Attack US Bases in Iraq

According to the sources of the publication, over the past two months, these formations have been used at least three times by “drones stuffed with explosives, which dive and fall on the target.” Most often, attacks were carried out at night.

“Weakened by tough economic sanctions over the years, Iran is using armed formations under its control in Iraq to increase pressure on the United States and other states to negotiate a relaxation of these restrictions as part of a return to the 2015 nuclear deal”, – writes the NYT.

Most often, hangars with American equipment became the targets of strikes. According to the newspaper, Iran carried out drone attacks “in an effort to minimize the losses that could entail retaliation from the United States.

Sources for The New York Times note that US defenses in Iraq are not effective against explosive-laden UAVs because they “fly too low.”


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