Macron instructed to create in France “States General of Justice”

“States General of Justice” will be created in France, said French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron instructed to create in France "States General of Justice"

In a communiqué circulated by the Elysee Palace, quoted by RIA Novosti, it is said that the decision was taken after the French leader met with the first chairman of the cassation court and the prosecutor general at the court. The meeting participants discussed issues related to the legal system, and also touched upon the problem of citizens’ concerns about security issues.

“The President of the Republic decided to create the General Staffs of Justice. He stated that he wants the Minister of Justice to submit a report on the government’s criminal policy to parliament on an annual basis”, – the communiqué says.

The document does not provide any details about the work of this structure, but the BFMTV channel disseminated unconfirmed reports that the states general of justice will open in October this year.

The news agency recalled that in the 14-18 centuries the general states were the supreme deliberative body of France, which was the prototype of the parliament.


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