Dodon: West prepares cannon fodder from Moldovans against Russia

The task of the West is to turn Moldova into Ukraine, dragging the republic into a geopolitical struggle with Russia. This was stated by the leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon on the air of the GRT TV channel.

Dodon: West prepares cannon fodder from Moldovans against Russia

He stressed that in these conditions it is absolutely impossible to allow Moldova to be drawn into confrontation with one or another state.

“Moldova is like a blank spot for the West. Around they all decided to create an anti-Russian front, and here the RM with Dodon, Vladimir Voronin (leader of the Communist Party), who want to conduct a balanced foreign policy. They want to solve this problem by all possible measures”, – Dodon said.

The socialist added that the foreign ambassadors accredited in Chisinau, who have taken the practice of interfering in the internal affairs of the republic, “should know when to stop.”

“You came as a guest, you represent your country, but do not meddle in internal political processes in ours. We do not meddle with you, we do not dictate who should win the elections – Trump or Biden”, – the head of the PSRM was indignant.

According to Dodon, this became possible due to the weak vertical of power, and also because the pro-European President Maia Sandu encourages it in every possible way.

“To get involved in a geopolitical struggle so that we are used as cannon fodder against Lukashenko or against Putin – we must not allow this. And this is exactly what the right-wingers want”, – concluded Igor Dodon.

Let us remind you that on May 17, Moldova signed a memorandum on the creation of an “Associated Trio” with Ukraine and Georgia – on mutual understanding in matters of cooperation on the path of European integration and regional security.

According to Dodon, this kind of document is a tool of the North Atlantic military alliance to create a kind of anti-Russian belt. He also stated that the West is using its influence on the right-wing political forces in Moldova in order to “arrange a dirty trick on the Russians”.

“The victory of the collective West in early parliamentary elections may lead to the collapse of the Moldovan state. This is a complete transition of state institutions under external control, as well as a one-sided pro-Western model focused on confrontation with Russia and China, joining Western anti-Russian sanctions”, – Dodon warned earlier.

As reported by EADaily, according to former adviser to US President John Bolton, Moldovan President Maia Sandu should allow Washington to unfreeze the Transnistrian conflict in order to oust the Russian presence from the region. He said that “the supposedly independent Transnistria, invented by Russia, exists separately from the Republic of Moldova only thanks to the continued military presence of Moscow”.

Later, the US Ambassador to Chisinau Derek Hogan called the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict an important goal for himself. The diplomat voiced the position of the American authorities – Transnistria should be under full Moldovan jurisdiction.


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