Diaspora democracy, or how to bring the Middle Eastern Middle Ages to Russia

The Novosibirsk tragedy, and this is precisely the tragedy, has spread throughout the information space of Russia. Alas, they are in no hurry to draw conclusions, moreover, they are buried under a heap of demagoguery and populism.

Diaspora democracy, or how to bring the Middle Eastern Middle Ages to Russia

In Novosibirsk, during the arrest of two offenders who offered active resistance to law enforcement officers, one of them was mortally wounded. In the footage that got into the network, it is noticeable that the offender who died later in the hospital not only resisted, but also attacked the representative of the law.

Further more. The check on the legality of the use of weapons by the police officer and the assessment of the very degree of intentional use of weapons did not have time to gain momentum, as representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora arrived at the local police station, since the deceased was Azerbaijani. Calls were heard from the crowd to extradite the “killer”, if they refused, they threatened with reprisal against his family. Also, a number of media outlets reported that the violators of the order were seen in the hands of a weapon.

The author will not comment on the legality of the employee’s actions – there are component bodies for this. I will only note that it is a crime to rush at a policeman on duty. And all the cries that the offender was unarmed and should have been neutralized “otherwise” is pure philistine. A police officer is not obliged to play Kungu-Fu Panda or Jackie Chan, he is obliged to guard law and order.

And, of course, no less piquant is the fact that the part of society, which just yesterday burned out with laughter, looking at the golden coffin of the repeat offender Floyd, in front of whom the local cops were spreading, now seethes with populism and stereotypes about the “cruelty of cops” », About a multinational society, etc. The main thing is that they are trying to bury the real strategic problems of the whole country under this heap, and at the same time quickly forget about the medieval massacre that representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora wanted to arrange.

Diaspora is a phenomenon that came to our penates with the collapse of the USSR. The union either harshly suppressed interethnic problems, or turned a blind eye to it, but the balance was maintained. Once a single people were scattered across different countries. And so in Russia, as now the richest country of the former Soviet Union, diasporas appeared. And since yesterday we were one whole, the diaspora was not perceived as an institution for maintaining our purely ethnic community and even influencing politics. Nobody even wanted to imagine that ethnic criminality began to flourish on the basis of the same diasporas.

Populist politicians, taking advantage of Union nostalgia or genuinely nostalgic themselves, buried these problems deeper. It got to the point that the local variations on the theme of “multiculturalism” smeared with doctrinaire denied the very fact of the specificity of this or that ethnic gang, which used the connections of the diaspora. But it’s no secret that this or that ethnic organized criminal group specializes in its niche of the criminal market.

Of course, our “partners” from Europe went farthest in their doctrine. The same partners who now do not know how to contain the expansion of radical Islam and street gangs from the Middle East. And in Germany, and even more trenchant – Berlin is forced to act with an eye on … Ankara.
In our case, the lens turned out to be the Azerbaijani diaspora. Who can use it for their own purposes? Who is most influencing the young growth? How long will the older generation from the USSR, leading the diaspora, be able to restrain the pressure of the young, but high-spirited ones?

Answers on the surface. Quite recently, during the war in Artsakh, streams of threats and insults came from ethnic Azerbaijanis to our correspondents. Also, quite recently, Azerbaijanis celebrating the “victory” organized car rallies in violation of all traffic rules. At the same time, judging by the flags that they hoisted on their cars, it was difficult to understand who won – Azerbaijan or Turkey.

And, to put it bluntly, it is Erdogan, with his imperial ambitions and extreme cruelty, who enjoys greater authority than Aliyev. Aliyev even had to share a seat on the podium with Erdogan during the official “victory” parade in Baku. And youth follows strength … the Middle Eastern strength of Recep with medieval manners.

But, if you call for strict control of the diasporas, then in no time will appear a myriad of doctrinaires accused of nationalism. And they will not even be able to understand that it is precisely the prevention of complete ethnic, religious and political isolation within the diasporas, i.e. control over them – this is the instrument of the struggle against nationalism. Well, there are no organizations in this imperfect world that dishonest people do not want to use for their own purposes.

Alas, the state lost this round. Unmeasurable “hype”, weakness of response measures, populism that blossomed around the tragedy on the part of all kinds of journalists and experts, obvious readiness to attack law enforcement officers and so on – this is the victory of those who use Azerbaijani youth. And I’m afraid that not even big people in Baku rub their pens, but much larger figures in Ankara.

Sergey Monastyrev, specially for News Front


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