Biden: scandals in the dead season

American political life has gone into the off-season. However, amid a dead news agenda, the pesky scandals surrounding the Biden administration have suddenly started to “shoot up”

Biden: scandals in the dead season

The Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security launched a formal investigation into the story of the awarding of a gigantic $530 million contract out of competition to a small liberal NPO called Family Effort in Texas.

It has been given the job of housing the crowds of migrants who storm the borders in the US – in the hope of being granted amnesty by Biden. And given a sum of 12 times the organisation’s annual budget to do so. And two months before the contract was awarded, the NGO hired a former apparatchik of Biden’s transit team. What an amazing coincidence!

If Trump were in Biden’s shoes now, Congress would have already started another impeachment. But with the “respected man” Biden in power, it will be limited to a toothless internal investigation and a request that corruption not be exposed so brazenly anymore.

Meanwhile, the deputy energy minister has been accused of a conflict of interest for PR for his former employer, a green energy company. Moreover, Biden and Harris themselves actively promote a small electric car brand whose co-owner is their energy minister.

Against this background, an international scandal also erupted – about the use of Danish intelligence services to spy on European leaders, including Angela Merkel. This took place between 2012 and 2014 – the height of the spy wars when Biden was US vice-president.

However, don’t expect Biden to get into serious trouble because of such scandals. The Democrat Party’s hardware capabilities make it possible to avoid this. But they will gradually affect the ratings – especially of Kamala Harris, whose approval rate has already fallen to 41%.

Malek Dudakov


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