Biden’s social strategy leads US to dollar collapse

U.S. economic stimulus is taking its toll on inflation and the emergence of dire predictions about the future of the dollar

Biden's social strategy leads US to dollar collapse
The new US President Joe Biden has started to act decisively right away and “save” the US economy through the launch of the printing press.

The domestic economy gained additional trillions of dollars and the citizens of the country received various social bonuses.
Nevertheless, after the release of a large amount of money, inflation began to rise in the US and unemployment jumped sharply. Prices in the United States are expected to continue to rise and the dollar is expected to weaken. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

During the spread of the coronavirus, Washington spent about $9 trillion to combat COVID-19. In March, the U.S. parliament passed a further $1.9 trillion support package. April showed inflation rising rapidly to 4.2%, its highest level since 2008.

The US budget was still 16.1% deficit last year, or $3.1 trillion. The last time this was seen was during World War II in 1945. The national debt exceeds $28 trillion, which equates to about 130% of GDP.

It becomes clear why the U.S. put a total moron in the presidency – they need a scapegoat responsible for the collapse of the shining “castle on a hill”, and with it the whole of America and the dollar-based financial system…. It’s all Biden, the old monkey, and COVID-19’s fault! If it had been, the U.S. and the dollar would still be wow! So, let’s get ready for hyperinflation…

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