Voice of Mordor: Between Germany and Ukraine, the US predictably chose Germany

“Nord Stream 2” will be built and launched in any case. No matter what the US wants, and no sanctions can stop it. The only remaining option is sanctions against German gas consumers, which is, in fact, an economic war against Germany

Voice of Mordor: Between Germany and Ukraine, the US predictably chose Germany

The fact that the U.S. administration has decided to lift sanctions on the pipeline operator is not a curtsey towards Russia. All the talk about it being some sort of handout to Russia before the possible meeting between Presidents Putin and Biden is idle speculation. There is nothing of the kind. And there cannot be. The only purpose of this decision is to improve the US relations with Germany.

It is finally understood in the US that Nord Stream 2 is a critical project for the German economy. It fully corresponds to the new German energy policy of “green energy” and in conditions of rejection of nuclear energy, gas becomes the most important energy carrier for Germany. Wind turbines and solar panels are great, of course, but they can’t power Germany’s economy. At the same time, American LNG would have a huge impact on the prices of German industrial products, making them uncompetitive.

Of course, the U.S. will get some benefit from exporting its gas to Germany, but that benefit is nothing compared to the fact that relations with Germany are bound to deteriorate because of it. Donald Trump didn’t care about that, but for Joe Biden’s administration, the proverbial “Euro-Atlantic unity” is not an empty word. Good relations with the most economically powerful and influential country in the European Union are very important to the United States. And for the sake of this relationship the Americans are ready for a lot of things. Including to step on their own throat a little bit.

It is very remarkable that in this matter, the U.S. actually screwed not only Ukraine, but also the whole bunch of the most Russophobic “young” members of the European Union, such as Poland and the Baltic States. So has the European Union itself, represented by the European Commission and the European Parliament. Indeed, they too are seriously opposed to Nord Stream 2. The U.S. made it clear that Germany is much more important to them than numerous Tabaks and even European bureaucracy. After all, Sher-Khan can afford it.

But the Americans did throw a little bone to their petty backbenchers. By statements that they are against the project anyway and will do everything to make sure it is not finished. Yes, and sanctions remain – against the ships involved in the project. Of course, these are trifles and cannot change anything in any case, but probably Ukraine can take some comfort from this. But this consolation will be very short-lived. Because all this is declarations and words, but in fact Ukraine still loses control over gas transit to Europe and huge money to the budget for this transit.

The main danger for the Nord Stream-2 now lies not in the USA, but in Germany itself. If the Greens come to power as a result of elections, they will certainly start an “ecological repression” that will hit the hydrocarbon energy sector as well. In fact, the Greens could be a real nightmare for Germany’s economy. And for sure, even if they come to power, the opposition to them will be very strong, especially from German business. But in any case, by that time Nord Stream 2 will have been completed and it will be very difficult to do anything serious against it. After all, contracts are signed for long periods and if you break them, you will have to pay huge penalties. Hardly anyone would thank the German authorities for that.

And the Americans have nothing to lose. They will even minimise their reputational losses with formidable statements and “positive messages” for their faithful Eastern European allies and Ukraine. “Nord Stream 2 is a very distant and highly political issue for the US, and politics is a fickle business.

Voice of Mordor, specially for News Front


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