Hamas spokesman names demands for truce with Israel

The demand for a truce with Israel must stop evicting Arab families, abandon the Al-Aqsa mosque and stop rocket attacks against Gaza, said Deputy Chairman of the Palestinian Hamas Executive Committee Musa Abu Marzouk in an interview with Lenta.ru

Hamas spokesman names demands for truce with Israel

Abu Marzouk noted that in addition to a simultaneous cessation of hostilities, Hamas seeks to address the causes that led to the latest escalation: Musa Abu Marzouk.

“Our terms of the ceasefire are clear: withdrawal from the al-Aqsa mosque and a return to the situation that was before 2002 [Operation Protective Wall], an end to the Judaisation of Arab villages and neighbourhoods, an end to attacks on the Gaza Strip and the lifting of the siege. In the end this war will end on our terms and not on the terms of the occupiers [Israel]”, –  the movement spokesman said.

He also stressed that the United States cannot mediate in the conflict between Israel and Palestine because it is the “main supporter” of the Jewish state.


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