US State Department accuses Erdogan of anti-Semitism

The State Department called the Turkish President’s statements about the situation in Israel anti-Semitic and “condemnable”

US State Department accuses Erdogan of anti-Semitism

The US State Department condemned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements to Israel about the conflict in the Middle East. The states called on Turkey to join international efforts to de-escalate, the State Department said in an official statement.

In particular, Erdogan’s statements were described by the State Department as anti-Semitic and “condemnable”.

“The United States is fully committed to combating anti-Semitism in all its manifestations. We take seriously the violence that often accompanies anti-Semitism”, –  the statement said.

The US also called on the Turkish President and other Turkish leaders to refrain from such rhetoric, which incites further violence.

Turkey was also urged to join the United States in efforts to end the conflict.

As a reminder, Erdogan has repeatedly spoken harshly about Israel in the context of the Palestinian conflict. In particular, he called Israel a “terrorist state” that allegedly attacks Palestinian cities.

As reported, the escalation between Hamas and Israel began on May 10. Since then, the radicals have fired more than 1,800 rockets from the Gaza Strip, while the IDF has responded with artillery shelling and air strikes.


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