Austrian Foreign Ministry responds to Erdogan’s “curse”

The conflict in the Middle East cannot be resolved with foam at the mouth, Turkey needs to contribute to de-escalation of the situation, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg said on Tuesday, commenting on the “curse” of the Turkish president.

Austrian Foreign Ministry responds to Erdogan's "curse"

The text of the statement of the Austrian minister was at the disposal of Russian News Agency RIA Novosti. Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan said he was cursing the Austrian government after the flags of Israel were raised in Austrian federal departments.

“It is impossible to resolve the conflict in the Middle East with foam at the mouth. Hamas is a terrorist organization. We must not allow them to impose a law of action on us,” Schallenberg said.

According to him, with such attacks against the governments, including the Austrian, which in the face of terror are on the side of Israel, Turkish politicians once again show “their terrifying understanding of the law.”

“Instead of adding fuel to the fire, Turkey is urgently called upon to contribute to de-escalation”, – the Foreign Minister added.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry reported that after Erdogan’s words, the Turkish ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

“After these absurd statements by President Erdogan, the Turkish ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in the morning to clearly convey Austria’s position”, – the ministry told RIA Novosti.

As Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said earlier, the Israeli flag was raised on the roof of the Chancellor’s Federal Office last Friday as a sign of solidarity, since “the terrorist attacks on Israel deserve the strongest condemnation”. Following the Office of the Chancellor, the Austrian Foreign Ministry also raised the Israeli flag, declaring its strong support for Israel’s security.


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