Expert told what awaits Moldova if the Sandu party wins

The victory of the presidential party Action and Solidarity (PDS) in the early parliamentary elections in Moldova will lead to the establishment of full US control over Chisinau, said Igor Shornikov, head of the Institute for Socio-Political Research and Regional Development, reports EurAsia Daily.

Expert told what awaits Moldova if the Sandu party wins
According to the expert, the victory of the party of Moldovan President Maia Sandu will mean the creation of a government controlled by the American diplomatic mission.

“In my opinion, after a pro-Western government is created (this will probably happen by the fall), judging by the election promises of Maia Sandu, the first thing she will do is reformat the system of power through justice reform under the slogan of fighting corruption. All this will affect the regional situation”, – Shornikov noted.

The political scientist stressed that in principle Sandu does not plan to meet with the Transnistrian leaders. In addition, the President intends to conduct a dialogue with Russia only on the issue of finding ways to eliminate the Russian military presence.

“If all power in Moldova is in the hands of the right-wing forces, they, within the framework of the implementation of their foreign policy agenda, directly, without the participation of Tiraspol, will begin a dialogue with Russia on the elimination of Russian weapons. Chisinau has long been waiting for such a moment when power will be concentrated in one hand in order to present an ultimatum to Tiraspol. From autumn we should prepare for a new paradigm of relations – we must be ready for massive pressure, forcing Transnistria to settle according to the Moldovan scenario”, – the expert concluded.


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