Israeli Ambassador to Russia calls operation in Gaza Strip war on terror

The Israeli Air Force intends to continue the operation in the Gaza Strip to destroy the “infrastructure of terror,” Israeli Ambassador to Russia Alexander Ben Zvi said on Sunday.

Israeli Ambassador to Russia calls operation in Gaza Strip war on terror

“This is a war on terror. The shelling from Gaza continues all the time, more than 2 thousand rockets are fired, shelling is going on all the time, in almost all southern points of Israel, up to Tel Aviv. And this is life – every time you have to hide in a bomb shelter, then go out and to continue life. But one cannot get used to it, “the ambassador said, speaking at the solidarity rally” With Israel against terror”, – organized by the Russian Jewish Congress.

“If we do not finish this operation and those who shoot missiles at us will continue to do so, if not today, maybe tomorrow. But until the entire infrastructure of terror is destroyed, there is no point in ending the operation, because a year, two, three – it doesn’t matter, and everything will happen again. We cannot afford to repeat this, to hold our country hostage, and we will do our best to eradicate it”, – the ambassador added.

The situation on the border between Israel and the Palestinian Gaza Strip escalated on the evening of May 10. As of the morning of May 16, since the beginning of the escalation, 2.9 thousand missiles have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, 1150 of them have been intercepted. According to the latest information, eight civilians and one soldier were killed in Israel. Israel has also struck hundreds of attacks on the Gaza Strip. The number of Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes has reached 174, with 47 children killed.


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