US military has abandoned its base in Kandahar province

US troops have hastily abandoned their base near a military airfield in southern Afghanistan. This was reported by Stars and Stripes newspaper, citing its sources

US military has abandoned its base in Kandahar province

According to the newspaper source, the withdrawal of US troops took place without any formalities and farewell ceremonies and was carried out so hastily and secretly that Afghan representatives, to whom, according to official statements, the base was handed over, had difficulty in indicating the exact date of its transfer.

“The transfer of Kandahar airfield was done in coordination with Afghan government officials and our Afghan partners in the 205th Corps. However, the departure of the Americans came as a complete surprise to the Afghans and took place either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning without any coordination with local authorities”, –  the newspaper wrote.

According to the military commandant of the airfield, General Farik Kwowahi, the US military left during the night and “there are no more US troops in Kandahar, for the moment”. At the height of the fighting in Afghanistan, some 30,000 U.S. troops and contractors were stationed at this base.


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