Media: Zelensky, Poroshenko and other Ukrainian politicians continue doing business in Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, his predecessor Petro Poroshenko and many other Ukrainian politicians continue to do business and pay taxes to the “aggressor country,” writes Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist Oleksandr Kots

Media: Zelensky, Poroshenko and other Ukrainian politicians continue doing business in Russia

The correspondent said that Zelensky was first of all engaged in eliminating his main political rival – the leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, Viktor Medvedchuk. The oppositionist has been charged not only with high treason, but also with plundering “national resources in Crimea”.



“A figure for the current Ukrainian hysterical politics is more than suitable. Not only is he an oppositionist, but he also rubs shoulders with the Muscovites, and he crosses Zelensky in the hot seat with the exchange of prisoners in Donbas, or with vaccines, or with housing and communal services tariffs. And no one asks him to do so. The monopoly on good deeds should be solely with Zelensky, who is not very good at it”, –  Kots wrote.

The journalist noted that based on the results of 2020, Russia is among the three main trading partners of Ukraine, and many Ukrainian politicians have property in “enemy” Russia. For example, Zelensky’s wife owns a flat in Crimea with an area of almost 130 sq.m., the rent for which is regularly paid to the Russian budget. The Zelensky couple also earns income from the Kvartal-95 show company, which sells projects to Russian TV channels.

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko profited from the Roshen factory in Lipetsk during his tenure and still owns Crimea’s largest cement company, the Bakhchisarai Cement Factory. Oligarchs Dmytro Firtash and Serhiy Lyovochky receive profits from the companies Minudobreniya, Crimean Titanium, Crimean Soda Plant and Brom.

However, it was opposition party representative Viktor Medvedchuk, who has been actively working to normalize relations with Russia and resolve the conflict in Donbass, who found himself under house arrest. It was reported on Friday that Ukrainian law enforcers put Medvedchuk under electronic bracelet, in line with a court decision on house arrest until 9 July.


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