French general says he intends to run for president in 2022

General Antoine Martinez has announced his plans to run for president of France in 2022, writes Telegram channel RUSSTRAT

French general says he intends to run for president in 2022

General Martinez previously served in the Air Force and is an intelligence specialist. He also co-authored a letter from the French military about the threat of civil war in the country. In his view, if the current French president, Emmanuel Macron, becomes president for the next five years as well, the country will find itself in a dramatic situation.

“The situation in France continues to deteriorate because of immigration. We are dealing with an influx of people with a completely different culture and civilisation. This culture is hostile to us. According to the leader of the Rassemblement Nationale, Marine Le Pen, Islam is compatible with democracy, but not for me”, –  Martinez said.

According to the general, the European Union “no longer responds to the needs of European countries, but ignores them. Martínez also stressed the importance of EU dialogue with Russia, especially when it comes to the Islamist threat and the growing power of China.

“I believe that in these areas the EU and Russia have points in common. China will be a big geostrategic threat, and all doubts about russia should be resolved as soon as possible, leading to a more friendly relationship”, –  the general said.


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