Kiev proposes to “remove” the USSR from Ukrainian laws

It is proposed to get rid of references to the USSR and the October revolution in Ukrainian legislation and to rename a worker as an employee and an owner as an employer

Kiev proposes to "remove" the USSR from Ukrainian laws

Draft law No 4284 “On de-Sovietization of Ukrainian legislation” was submitted to the Ukrainian parliament for consideration by the deputy speaker, Ruslan Stefanchuk. According to the submitted document, 294 normative legal acts, which were adopted during the Soviet regime, will be rid of references to terms related to the country’s Soviet history.

“The project envisages cleaning our legislation from terminological sovietization”, –  the committee said.

Ruslan Stefanchuk proposed to develop new versions of the Housing and Labour Codes of the Ukrainian state.

“In total, Mr Ruslan Stefanchuk counted 249 acts issued by the Supreme Soviet and Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR that have the right to remain only on the pages of history”,  – the committee said.


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