Israel retaliated airstrikes on the Gaza Strip


The footage of consequences of Israel’s retaliatory air strikes on the Gaza Strip after the massive shelling of Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva was published. Today, May 12, Israel retaliated air strikes on Gaza, killing at least 35 people in the Gaza Strip. This is reported by Reuters.

A multi-storey residential building in Gaza was reported to have collapsed, and another building was badly damaged. Israel said its planes attacked several Hamas intelligence leaders. The attacks also targeted missile launch sites, Hamas buildings and the houses of Hamas leaders.

The publication notes that this was the largest clash between Israel and Hamas since 2014, which caused concern in the international community.

Earlier it was reported that in response to the shelling by the Israeli army of high-rise buildings in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians on the night of Wednesday, May 12, launched about 350 rockets towards Tel Aviv and other cities.


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