Israel reported killing two key Hamas intelligence officers

We are talking about the head of the security department Hasan Kauji and his deputy Waile Isu.

Israel reported killing two key Hamas intelligence officers

According to TASS, on Wednesday, the IDF’s Twitter page posted a message stating that the Israeli military had eliminated two major intelligence officials from the radical Palestinian movement Hamas.

“With the help of our fighters, as well as the security services, we eliminated key figures in Hamas intelligence: Hasan Kauji, head of the security department of Hamas military intelligence, and his deputy Wail Isu, head of the counterintelligence department”, – the text says.

In recent days, an exchange of missile strikes has been taking place between Israel and Palestinian radicals from the Gaza Strip. It follows the riots at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem that began in early May, in which more than 700 people have already been affected. Clashes between Palestinians and security forces were provoked by the decision of an Israeli court to seize houses in Sheikh Jarrah from Arab families living there for more than half a century in favor of Jewish settlers on the basis that these houses belonged to them before 1948.


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