Global centers of power should take the time advantage while Democratic Party sows ideology of destroying U.S.

The deep state is killing the American dream

Global centers of power should take the time advantage while Democratic Party sows ideology of destroying U.S.

To begin with, it should be noted that the current processes in the United States have a complex of reasons. The USA was built by white Protestants. The specificity of this trend of Christianity is well described in the work of Max Weber “Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism”. The need for individual self-realization, hoarding, responsibility for the results of labor and competition are the foundations of the Protestant work ethic, which were part of the American ideology laid down by the founding fathers of the United States.

However, already in the early 1950s, articles began to appear in the American press that liberal ideas began to prevail over conservative ones in universities. To what liberal ideas have sunk, we can observe right now. The concept of freedom of the individual has developed to freedom from his gender identity.

In the modern USA, the ideology of the founding fathers is simply unrealizable, after the de-industrialization of the USA by corporations that brought their production abroad, a full-fledged post-industrial society was never formed. 59 million Americans out of 332, or almost 18.5%, live on government benefits, unable to feed themselves.

American elites realize that in times of crisis they are not only unable to provide jobs for all those in need, but also unable to maintain their former standard of living. Net savings of citizens went into negative territory back in 1985, and since then people have been living on credit, and now the moment has come when even negative interest rates on loans do not save the situation.

That is why now in the United States the company about systemic racism is acquiring the character of a state one and is inflated to the scale of a global problem. The issue of paying reparations to the black population for slavery is already being decided not only at the local, but also at the federal level. Of course, these payments will be made at the expense of the bulk of the white population, this idea is already being promoted in the media, instilling in them the guilt for white privileges.

Against the background of a general decline in living standards, propaganda in the media will explain to the average white person that this is inevitably due to the fact that he needs to “pay and repent” for the sins of slavery of his ancestors. At the same time, it will be practically impossible to track the proportionality of the growth of well-being in 13% of the black population.

The current crisis is not a separate problem for the United States, but a crisis of the capitalist model. Therefore, back in 2014 in London, the Rothschilds, with the participation of 250 heads of various corporations, under whose control were about a third of the world’s investment assets, organized a conference on inclusive capitalism. The conference was attended by the head of the IMF Christine Lagarde, Prince of the British Crown Charles and former US President Bill Clinton. In 2020, the project of inclusive capitalism was publicly supported by the Pope.

“We are responding to Pope Francis’s call for a more inclusive economy that more equitably distributes the benefits of capitalism and allows people to reach their full potential”, – commented Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

The theses of the theory of inclusive capitalism, put forward at the aforementioned conference, were analyzed in the material of the RUSSTRAT Institute “Inclusive capitalism: the new trap of the deep state and the Vatican”, which concludes:

“Inclusive capitalism as a theory implies that the socialization of society is expanding, but at the center is not the state, but the corporation. Now the responsibility for economic activity falls not on the shareholders of the companies, but on everyone – employees, subcontractors, buyers and consumers, on the state. Profits are falling, but in return corporations get full power over society, being engaged in the redistribution of the aggregate or gross product instead of the state”.

This theory can be considered a propaganda cover for a banal desire to seize political power from states by some transnational corporations.

It can be considered a coincidence, but after Catholics were in the majority in leadership positions in the White House administration, already in February 2021, the Rockefeller Foundation, together with the Ford Foundation, announced that the project “New Agreement between Businesses” was being launched as part of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, the government and the American workers. Where, without economic justification, the following postulates are put forward:

  • Research shows that tackling inequalities based on race, ethnicity and gender by improving pay equity, reducing labor force discrimination and improving educational and academic achievement will lead to higher labor force productivity, higher wages and a stronger consumer base 

Achieving racial pay equity will boost the economy by $2.1 trillion annually.

  • Achieving gender equality in pay will contribute to the growth of the economy by $500 billion annually. Eliminating discrimination in employment, healthcare and education would add $2.7 trillion.

Adopting this vision and its principles, policy recommendations and practice will help create an economy that is not only more fair and just, but also more sustainable growth and social equity in the long term. Rebuilding America after 40 years of shrinking worker opportunities and profit sharing, a history of systemic racism and inequality, and the Covid-19 pandemic, needs little more. 

It is already clear that the Joe Biden administration is following this course. I do not presume to assert that Joe Biden himself and his inner circle consciously pursue this policy. Since during the election campaign, and even after, many contradictory statements could be heard from Joe Biden, ranging from environmental issues to racist issues.

Most likely, the development of management decisions and the preparation of bills are engaged in by the consultants of those very transnational corporations, which, thanks to, among other things, the institution of lobbying, have been built into the US state apparatus for decades.

We can say that the future prospects of the United States are described in his book “Covid-19: The Great Reset” by the head of the International Economic Forum (IEF) Klaus Schwab. Without departing far from the theses of “inclusive capitalism”, he shows more formalized features of its transformation. According to Schwab, the goal of corporations is to involve all stakeholders in a collaborative and sustainable process of creating value, and thus, the state will gradually be absorbed by corporations.

Schwab promotes the idea of ​​transforming current shareholder capitalism into stakeholder capitalism, where citizens do not own anything, but only temporarily use what a “socially oriented corporation” provides them.

This could be classified as a fantasy if it were not for the legislative initiative of the Governor of Nevada, according to which corporations are invited to buy out a plot of land for an “innovation zone” and conduct economic activities on it through their own authorities, according to their laws, which will legally be recognized above state law. Most importantly, the owners of the “innovation zone” will have the right to alienate any property on its territory.

However, the ideas of the MEF leadership do not stop there either. From the already existing “Internet of things”, it is proposed to move to the “Internet of bodies”, when built-in sensors or implants not only carry out the functions of transmitting information, but also change the body itself and even human behavior. The human body becomes a technological platform, and the exchange of body data is necessary for the collective and individual good. All this is described in the corresponding presentation on the IEF website and even in Russian.

There is a separate part in the presentation devoted to the implementation of the “Internet of bodies” taking into account the legislation of the US and the EU, so again it will not work to call such an idea an unfounded fantasy. In addition, it is not difficult to imagine that in conditions of severe unemployment, the implementation of an implant at the request of the employer will no longer be a big problem for corporations if it is supported at the legislative level.

As you can see, the plans of the supranational elites themselves are quite ambitious and the United States is becoming their experimental platform. However, the presidency of Donald Trump has seriously disrupted the planned course of events.

Trump overnight destroyed the long-standing hope of multinationals to fix the extraterritoriality of American justice in trade deals within the framework of the Trans-Pacific and Transatlantic Partnership, and he also tried to reverse the disintegration processes in society launched by the inflated problem of systemic racism.

That is why the American liberal elites are speeding up all the processes. For this, in the 2020 presidential elections, they had to go to the destruction of the American electoral system, undermining the authority of the judicial branch of government and restricting freedom of speech. They are very intimidated by the power of citizen trust that Donald Trump still has. Projecting their methods of struggle on him, they have fenced off the Capitol with barbed wire and are going to spend $2 billion on their security.

Due to the fact that the liberal elites are not confident in their strength, the Democratic Party is trying to expand the composition of the Supreme Court with its candidates, as well as to adopt general federal legislation on elections, although this has always been the prerogative of the states themselves. To facilitate the political struggle against Trump’s electoral base, these elites cite “white terrorism” as the top terrorist threat to the United States.

The biggest problem for the American elite, however, is time. For the time being, the dollar retains the status of a world reserve currency, but its margin of safety is seriously decreasing. Despite the Fed’s statements that the US economy should not be afraid of hyperinflation, The Wall Street Journal reports that “Everything is screaming about inflation”, Bank Of America warns its clients about the coming period of “temporary” hyperinflation in the US.

A rather bad sign, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell explains the status of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency by the rule of law in the United States, the world’s best democratic institutions and an economy created by hardworking people. This means that apart from ideological arguments, he had nothing left.

The United States is entering a serious phase of transformation. Even with the unprecedented efforts of the liberal elites in the face of the Democratic Party, people like Donald Trump still have a chance to turn the tide in 2022 in the midterm elections to Congress and in 2024 in the presidential elections. It is becoming clear to many that the United States is going in the wrong direction, with the most widely read article even in The Wall Street Journal with the headline “Democrats Killing the American Dream”.

Oleg Ladogin, RUSSTRAT


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