Finnish political scientist says Ukraine as a state does not exist

According to Johan Beckman, Ukraine has ceased to exist as a nation state, while its authorities have been engaged only in robbery and sale of assets to Western countries for seven years.

Finnish political scientist says Ukraine as a state does not exist

As Ekonomika writes today with reference to, Finnish political scientist Johan Beckman said that the collapse of the whole country was allowed by the short-sighted leadership of the current authorities of Independence.

“I don’t know what Ukraine is. This is a non-existent nation. The state there disintegrated and turned into an occupation regime of the USA and NATO”, – Beckman said.

The Finnish political scientist criticized the actions of Kiev politicians and noted that because of their connivance, Ukraine has degraded from a state to a country occupied by the United States and NATO troops. At the same time, the authorities promised voters to turn Ukraine into a “showcase of Europe”, but since the coup d’etat in 2014, they have only been plundering their country and selling its valuable assets to the West.

According to the political scientist, it is no longer a secret for other countries that the country is being ruled from outside. Therefore, Beckman did not rule out that the Finnish generals will take part in the creation of a state apparatus in Ukraine without corruption and will set Kiev a new adequate vector of foreign policy.


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