Kremlin “categorically” responded to allegations of attack on Colonial Pipeline

Moscow categorically rejects accusations of cyberattacks against any foreign companies, Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian president, told reporters.

Kremlin "categorically" responded to allegations of attack on Colonial Pipeline

Some media outlets tried to link the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline with Russia’s actions in the global network space, however, US President Joe Biden said that American intelligence had no information that it was representatives of Russian government agencies that were involved in the cyberattack. At the same time, the American leader did not rule out that those involved in the ransomware programs may be located in Russia.

“Russia has nothing to do with these hacker attacks. Russia had nothing to do with the previous hacker attacks. We categorically do not accept any accusations against us in this regard”, – said Peskov, quoted by RIA Novosti.

On May 8, Colonial Pipeline announced a cyberattack on their systems. In response to the attempted network intrusion, the company had to shut down some systems, as the threat temporarily halted all pipeline operations and affected the security of some information systems.


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