US not ready for next world war – The National Interest

Washington elites somehow believe that Russia and China will wait for America to sort out its military crisis

US not ready for next world war - The National Interest

Although Americans used to consider their military the strongest in the world, right now it isn’t experiencing the best of times, writes The National Interest. Despite this, the Democrats who came to power are in no hurry to solve the problem. By 2022, according to the administration’s request, U.S. military expenditures will grow only by 1.7% which will simply be “eaten away” by inflation.

“Do the Biden administration and the Democratic majority in Congress believe that America’s main competitors are prepared to wait until the United States has solved its domestic problems before ensuring that the country has a military force capable of defending its interests? If you follow the allocation of finances, that is the impression you get”, –  the article says.

The left often calls for a demilitarisation of US foreign policy. This approach may be seen as an attempt to buy time to prepare for war. The military advantage is clearly not on the side of the United States, which is simply not ready for a conflict with Russia, China or even Iran.

Dakota Wood, Senior Fellow for Protection Programs at the Heritage Foundation: “If China and the United States went to war over Taiwan, for example, and China won, it is unlikely that Beijing would agree to give the United States time to catch its breath, regroup, and then engage a second time.”

The publication points out that the state of the U.S. Armed Forces is alarming because the armor, navy and aviation are outdated. Most of the equipment was purchased in the second half of the 20th century, and since then the military fleet has been nearly halved. Although the army has made significant progress in combat readiness, it simply lacks the resources to carry out missions. The Marine Corps has also had to downsize to free up the money needed to develop capabilities.


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