The pro-American proposal is the same apple of temptation with which the serpent seduced Eve

When one takes to assess the reasons for the sustainability of pro-American forces in Russia or China, one overlooks a certain logic of their mindset, with which they appeal to the ruling administrations located in the middle between the sovereignty-oriented strongmen and liberals, focused on inserting themselves into global chains and flows at the cost of giving up sovereignty

The pro-American proposal is the same apple of temptation with which the serpent seduced Eve

The logic of the pro-Americans works for the authorities because it appeals to the fact of economic growth of industries and regions capable of increasing exports to the US and the EU, and thus significantly improving the economic situation of their citizens. And growth in prosperity is about the sustainability of government, which is what every government cares about more than anything else.

Liberals say bluntly: look, access to global (i.e. US controlled) markets improves the economy and strengthens your power. What more do you want? Give up on global issues that are important to the US and you will gain access to markets, an increase in rankings and new perspectives. Stubbornly, you lose everything. Win Crimea and Taiwan, but lose stability and peace. And as a result, you will lose power a little later.

There is a certain rationality here, and therefore it works for certain elite groups who put pressure on the Decision Makers (DMs). And it costs them a great deal of effort to resist temptation and resist. Simply because they understand: the bullet flies both ways. He who stifles trade also tramples the returns.

Biden increased trade with China by 50%, which improved the position of export provinces and strengthened the position of pro-American groups in the PRC. This is a serious argument for Xi Jinping. There is no doubt that pro-American groups within Putin’s inner circle are also impressed by it, and they will be sure to let Putin know about it.

Kudrin has already rubbed out his tongue, luring Putin into re-establishing relations with the West. Everyone knows he is talking about betrayal, but not only is he still at large, he has not even been sacked. It is the same in China. Authorities are hesitant, cautious, waiting. They are in no hurry to cut the Gordian knots, realizing that they will not be able to untie them.
In fact, the pro-American proposal is the apple of temptation, with which the serpent seduced Eve. Eat it and you will be like the gods. Bow to me, and at your feet will be all the kingdoms of the world and all its riches. It takes great strength, superhuman strength, to be able to say: “Get behind me, Satan. Just accept the offer – and paradise will be lost forever, and eternal destruction will come. For he who offers this is from eternity a liar and the father of lies.

Offering to surrender here and now in exchange for bonuses of wealth and power is a trap. Yes, for the US the trade war with China is also costly. By increasing turnover with China. Biden raises his rating too. The US is categorically unprepared for any war with China and Russia because the stock exchanges will collapse and the dollar will cease to be a world currency. The system of American vassalage would collapse. And it won’t matter who wins a gunfight. The US-dominated world will collapse, making war a zero-sum game for them.

But he who endures to the end will be saved. The wide gate to hell enters, it is easy to go there. Gorbachev will confirm. Narrow is the gate and hard is the way to heaven. And it’s not the realm of consumption at all. It is a chance not to become a digital slave to the prince of this world. Here the price of the question is life, not the size of what you eat and drink.

He who eats an apple does not become a god. He who yields in exchange for an economy dependent on Satan will lose everything. Xi Jinping and Putin understand this and are holding out as best they can. Manoeuvring, retreating here to advance there, winning one thing at the expense of another. The dragon is getting weaker, he is strong but frightened, hiding his fear stronger than those who oppose him.

Those who sell the birthright for lentil chowder are quickly left without both the right and the chowder. Kudrin’s logic has one answer: “Get away from me, Satan”. Nothing new under the moon, and the choice is always difficult.

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