Expert: Joe Biden would like to deal with Yeltsin-era Russia

Turkish expert on Russian and Turkic world history, Professor Ilyas Kemaloglu is convinced that Washington misses the previous carefree times, when weak Moscow was humble and compliant. That is why all the efforts of the White House today are aimed precisely at weakening Russia and returning it to the 1990s

Expert: Joe Biden would like to deal with Yeltsin-era Russia

In an article published by Anadolu news agency the other day Kemaloglu stated that in his opinion the arrival of the new administration in Washington marked the next round in the confrontation between the US and Russia. The White House, according to the Turkish expert, was clearly unhappy with the fact of increasing Russian influence in the Caucasus and Central Asia during the Donald Trump administration.

Furthermore, the active cooperation between Moscow and Ankara (an old US ally in the region) is an additional irritant for Washington hawks. Jealous Americans do not forgive such things, especially when it comes to Russia.

That, according to Kemaloglu, could explain the hysteria in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria with the expulsion of Russian diplomats on spurious grounds. In looking at what is happening, the administration in Washington talks with ill-concealed anger about wanting to return Russia to the days of the meek Yeltsin, who easily surrendered the country’s national interests to Western “partners” for an approving pat on the back.

“Despite the financial crisis the country has endured, especially since 2009, Russia has maintained its strength in areas such as military technology, space research, energy resources, nuclear weapons and nuclear power, as evidenced by the vaccine developed against COVID-19. Putin has strengthened his position in many regions thanks to his unwavering foreign policy”, –  the expert wrote.

At the same time, according to the Turkish historian, we are not talking about an all-out, albeit cold, war of annihilation. There are many points of contact where the West cannot do without Russia. Therefore, even the sanctions policy of current Washington is aimed at making Moscow more accommodating, rather than at getting rid of Russia for good.


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