Daily Mail readers massively criticized Joe Biden and stood up for Russia

Despite the massive anti-Russian propaganda in the Western media, there are still many sensible people among the ordinary citizens of the United States and Britain who realize that the policies of their rulers are leading the world to disaster

Daily Mail readers massively criticized Joe Biden and stood up for Russia

According to RIA Novosti, the British and American residents are genuinely perplexed why with Joe Biden’s team coming to power in the United States, the West is trying hard to worsen the relations with Russia and is even ready to make a real war out of the problems in the remote and little-understood by the Anglo-Saxons Ukraine.
Moreover, many of the British tabloid’s readers doubt Biden and Co.’s very ability to solve the “Russian question.”

“The last time Joe and Barack Obama were in power, they did nothing about Russia. And I highly doubt Joe will do anything this time,” wrote one of them under the nickname “So tired of this.”

Another, called “AAK123,” felt that a better tactic would be to include Russia in the North Atlantic bloc, rather than endlessly confronting Russia.

In any case, according to commentators, things are so bad in the US right now that it would be better to spend more time on internal problems instead of competing with the “Russian bear”, especially if they want to “live a little longer”. Especially since even the usual open Putin-Biden debates proposed by the Russian president do not bode well for the leader of the Western world.

“Putin knows how to answer questions for hours. I wonder if Biden can handle at least a couple”, –  wrote one Tommy. He was supported by other users of the network, noting that the current collective West, so rotten that in fact will not be able to oppose Russia. And the obviously unhealthy Joe Biden doesn’t look like a military leader capable of defeating anyone.

“The Russians defeated Napoleon and Hitler, and I have no doubt they can handle a bunch of gender-fluid warriors with pigtails”, –  summed up a Daily Mail reader nicknamed Moonmad.


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