State Department will allocate money to Ukraine to stimulate the victims of “Russian aggression”

The State Department will allocate money to Ukraine to stimulate the victims of “Russian aggression”.

State Department will allocate money to Ukraine to stimulate the victims of "Russian aggression"
As stated in the document of the State Department, which RT got acquainted with, the elimination of contradictions between residents who were forced to move from the southeast of the republic and the host should allow to strengthen stability in the state. However, according to experts, the United States pursues its own goals and uses such programs to advance its own agenda.

The US State Department intends to allocate almost $5 million for a program to promote the integration of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine. We are talking about the residents of Donbass and Crimea, who have moved, allegedly due to “Russian aggression”.

“The goal of this program is to strengthen stability in Ukraine by encouraging the integration of internally displaced persons inside Ukraine in accordance with the IDP integration strategy, as well as by reducing the vulnerability of IDPs to exploitation”, – RT reads the document.

With the help of this program, Washington also expects to eliminate the contradictions between the displaced persons and their host country. According to the US Foreign Ministry, discord in Ukrainian society “can be used by Russia”. At the same time, the State Department unfoundedly assert that in 2014 Moscow began an armed conflict in the Donbass and that now the Russian Federation is conducting a campaign to “demonize” internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied such accusations. As Maria Zakharova, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, noted in mid-April, Kiev “with the support of Western curators” is carrying out information aggression against Moscow in order to divert attention from its actions in Donbass.

In turn, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov emphasized that Russia has never been a participant in the internal Ukrainian conflict, but at the same time it will not remain indifferent to the fate of Russian-speaking people living in the southeast of the country.

Lessons from anti-Russian thinking

As part of this program, the State Department is going to hold a series of seminars and trainings for IDPs in Ukraine to help them integrate into society. Thus, it is assumed that adult citizens, among other things, will be taught “skills for resolving conflicts” and defending their interests. The events will involve elderly people and veterans, whose influence, according to American experts, could alleviate intercommunal tensions.

It is also planned to organize events with the participation of young people on the topic of the post-conflict vision of Ukraine. According to preliminary data, the program will be implemented in the Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk regions, as well as in areas located to the west of the contact line in the Donbass, where there were most of the internally displaced persons.

As Ukrainian political scientist and economist Alexander Dudchak noted in a conversation with RT, Washington is fundamentally misinterpreting the real situation in Ukraine. According to the expert, people leave the places of hostilities because they do not want to live in such conditions, and this is a natural process.

“This does not mean that they left the ‘Russian aggression’, as they say in the United States. People have left Ukraine’s aggression against a huge part of their population”, – the analyst said.

He also believes that the United States itself is stimulating a split in Ukrainian society, including through such programs, which are a vivid example of “soft power”.

His point of view is shared by Konstantin Blokhin, a researcher at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to the expert, “they will teach that Russia is an enemy, the Russian people are not fraternal, and Donbass are traitors. That is, in fact, the United States is not consolidating Ukrainian society, but splitting it”.

The interlocutor of RT also noted that the announced project is just a demonstration of a “careful attitude” towards Kiev.

Julia Gureeva, Anastasia Rumyantseva, RT


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