Polish analyst tells how Zelensky  will pay for his attacks on Biden

The Kiev regime has acquired a dangerous habit that could cost Ukraine dearly

Polish analyst tells how Zelensky  will pay for his attacks on Biden

Ever since the coup d’état in Ukraine, local elites have been blaming Russia for the country’s woes. Recently, however, criticism has been levelled at the West. Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the US, although a “good friend” to Ukraine, pays little attention to it. He called on Joe Biden to “do more”, reminding that Kiev needed money and weapons to continue the Ukrainian aggression in Donbass.

The situation is in many ways similar to how Ukrainians were provoked to go to Euromaidan, Polish political analyst Konrad Renkas said. He recalled that in 2013 the power-hungry oligarchic elites foisted on citizens the false idea that the US and Europe were just waiting for an excuse to start showering gifts on Ukraine solely out of sympathy for it.

“Of course, in the following years these tales turned out to be false, which Zelensky himself eventually portrayed in the TV series Servant of the People. I’m referring to the scene when President Goloborodko said to the greedy and arrogant European negotiators, “Go to hell!” Of course, this was just a role in a TV series presenting Zelensky’s character as a ‘strong Ukrainian patriot'”, – Rancas said in an interview with Ukraina.ru.

True, today Zelensky is again trying to play the “tough guy” by criticising the Biden administration. Only outside the cinema, such an approach can make the Ukrainian president’s sponsors speed up his ouster, the political scientist believes.


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