Henry Kissinger has warned of the threat to humanity from the US anti-China campaign

A new Cold War unleashed by Washington could engulf the entire world

Henry Kissinger has warned of the threat to humanity from the US anti-China campaign

As far back as Donald Trump’s administration has triggered a fierce confrontation between the United States and China. By 2020, the crisis in the two powers’ relations had reached critical levels. Having occupied the White House, Joe Biden could have stabilised the situation. Instead, the Democrat adopted the destructive policies of his predecessor, ignoring the most dangerous consequences.

In particular, the race unleashed by Washington may lead to the extinction of all mankind, according to legendary American diplomat Henry Kissinger, who served as Secretary of State in the Richard Nixon era.

It was Kissinger who in the past devised the programme to normalise relations between Washington and Beijing in 1971. Now that his achievements have been levelled, the 97-year-old diplomat has voiced fears about further developments. Given the economic, military and technological capabilities, he said, the superpower confrontation carries more risks than the Cold War with the USSR.

Kissinger called the crisis in relations with China “the biggest problem for America and the biggest problem for the world”.
“For the first time in history, humanity has a chance of extinction in a finite period of time,” he said at the Sedona Forum on Global Affairs. – We have developed technology that is superior to what could only have been imagined 70 years ago.”

Kissinger’s comments came as Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said the next major US war “will be very different” from those the Americans have fought before.

The former secretary of state agreed with this assertion. He reminded that during the US-Soviet confrontation nuclear weapons already posed a sufficient threat. Now artificial intelligence has been added to the nuclear technology, and China and the United States are leaders in this area. Kissinger is convinced that this fact only increases the doomsday threat.

“Now added to the nuclear problem is the problem of high technology, which in the field of artificial intelligence inherently implies that man and machine will become partners, and machines can develop their own judgement”, – he said. – “In a military conflict between high-tech powers, this has enormous implications.”


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