Ukraine faces critical situation in hospitals

Patients with COVID-19 who are being treated at the Khmelnytsky Infectious Diseases Hospital are in serious health conditions. The head of the medical institution, Oksana Poddubnaya, spoke about this.

Ukraine faces critical situation in hospitals

She noted that all patients who get to them are oxygen dependent. Now there are 14 people in intensive care.

“We do not hospitalize patients if they can breathe without oxygen, regardless of temperature and other indicators. The hospital was designed for 180 people, but we began to admit 200 or more patients, looked for places, even put beds in the corridor. On admission days, and we see patients twice a week, 200-216 people are admitted. We accept them, and the next day we are discharging someone, vacating places”, – she said.

The doctor noted that due to the severity of the disease, the patient’s recovery time increased. According to her, patients are in wards for three or more weeks.


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