Media: three explosions thundered at an air force base in Myanmar

Six soldiers were killed in three explosions that thundered at the base of the Myanmar Air Force, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Delta News Agency.

Media: three explosions thundered at an air force base in Myanmar

“Local residents heard the first explosion at about three o’clock in the morning (23.30 Moscow time), then two more explosions were heard. According to the residents of the village adjacent to the base, six Myanmar Air Force personnel were killed”, – the agency quoted local media as saying.

It is clarified that the army base is located in Mague district. Three improvised explosive devices are believed to have exploded there.

Massive protests against the military authorities are taking place daily in many cities in Myanmar after the military ousted the civilian government on February 1, arrested a number of its members and took power into their own hands. The military attributed their actions to the alleged massive falsification of the results of the 2020 general elections and the unwillingness of the previous authorities to investigate it.

The leaders of the military government promised to hold new elections in a year and transfer power to the party that will win them. According to the Myanmar Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners, which maintains daily statistics of casualties among protestors, 728 people have died in clashes in the country since the military came to power. The UN estimates that 741 people have died since the beginning of the crisis in Myanmar, including 52 children.

Earlier it was reported that more than 23 thousand prisoners were released in Myanmar.


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