Federation Council evaluates Biden’s appeal to the Congress

Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev said that the address of US President Joe Biden to Congress creates a sense of a split in American thinking, when one part of them is formed by common sense, and the other by radicals from the special services and Congress.

Federation Council evaluates Biden's appeal to the Congress

Biden addressed Congress Wednesday with his first keynote speech.

“Biden’s speech again produces an ambiguous feeling. A sense of a split in American brains. When one part of them is formed by common sense and understanding that there is no alternative to correcting American foreign policy, which has led the world to numerous dead ends. But when the other is formed by radicals from the secret services and Congress, who continue to invent mythical threats from the outside and intimidate the population, up to the president, with the impending collapse of American democracy and the leading positions of the United States in the world”, – the senator wrote on Facebook.

Kosachev considers Biden’s statement that the main terrorist threat to the United States comes from white racists from within the country is an interesting interpretation, although “it is unlikely to reconcile the divided American society”.

In addition, Kosachev stressed that on the external track, it is important that Biden states that there is no desire to escalate with Russia, that there is a need for equal rules of the game in the economy for everyone, including China, and that he is willing to use diplomacy in relations with Iran and the DPRK.

“In general, it is encouraging statements, if in each case they are not accompanied by concomitant conditions and threats to use force if they are not met. That these statements will largely neutralize them”, – the senator added.

As Kosachev noted, this “outward-directed radicalism may well be as comparable to terrorism, which is taking over the minds of the people, as the internal actions of racists in the United States, smashing monuments and exciting museums”.


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