Turkey’s Westernization has failed

Leonid Ilyich Biden (the term is not mine, but the Guardian newspaper’s) officially recognized the Armenian genocide and thus made it clear that NATO no longer needed Turkey’s services

Turkey's Westernization has failed

In the coming years, Turkey will ask the United States to withdraw its military bases from its territory and withdraw from NATO. Actually, all this became inevitable after Erdogan purchased the S-400 complexes from Russia.

I have been writing for 5 or 6 years that neither Turkey nor Ukraine can be Westernized by the West. These are failed projects for the West, this is, as they say, an arrogant going beyond the possible, because these countries belong to completely different civilizations, and it is almost impossible to change the cultural code.

After Ataturk’s terrible forceful attempt to westernize Turkey, after three generations, strictly according to Huntington, everything returned to normal. Well, in Ukraine, the West generally turned out to be shamefully helpless and forced to silently observe the celebration of the SS division of Galicia.

The cynicism of the United States is touching: as soon as Turkey began to play its game, it immediately received recognition of the Armenian genocide. And while she was obedient, no one remembered the genocide.
Now all the US Tobaccos will also have to recognize the Armenian genocide.

Why do you have to?

Because the stage of consolidation of geopolitical zones around the monopolists of these zones has begun. The United States, Russia, China and Turkey are strongly insisting everyone to determine their position on the eve of the Cold War -2. Hardly anyone will be able to maintain neutrality. As soon as all zones are consolidated, the iron curtains will fall between them.

By the way, as far as I understand, this is exactly what Putin will explain to Zelensky.

Andrey Golovachev, Ukraine


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