Zelensky proposed to update some points of “Minsk-2”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Minsk agreements should not be terminated, just some points need to be updated.

Zelensky proposed to update some points of "Minsk-2"

“I believe that Minsk should be flexible. Nobody says that Minsk should be closed. But I think that several points should be updated”, – Zelensky quoted the website of the Ukrainian president’s office as saying.

According to him, negotiations are currently underway within the Minsk format and a common result may soon be achieved.

“Tomorrow there will be a full-fledged meeting of the TCG (Trilateral Contact Group – Ed.) in a video format. I still think that all parties will come closer to the decision to declare once again the ceasefire and restart this regime seriously – not only in words, but also in writing. will confirm”, – Zelensky added.


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