US national intelligence agency to set up centre to combat foreign influence

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Evril Haynes, has announced the creation of a centre to combat covert foreign influence on domestic political processes in the United States.

US national intelligence agency to set up centre to combat foreign influence

It is reported by the newspaper Politico


“These measures are being taken in light of changing threats and in support of the increasing demands of US politics and the US Congress”, –  said an official of the Office of the Head of National Intelligence.

The official said the centre was planned to be set up “as soon as possible”, but did not specify when exactly the centre to combat malicious foreign influences would begin its work. The budget of the new agency also remained unknown.

Mikhail Sheynkman, political observer: “It is not enough for them to have 17 special services. They urgently need an 18th. The United States is setting up a Center of National Intelligence to collect and analyze data on foreign influence on their domestic lives. Malicious interference from the outside is their common place. That’s what the common place will do. In other words, gossip, rumours, fakes, slander – everything is there. And then from here it is already in the form of reliable information. The target is the same: China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. And now, if you put their Russian acronyms in this order, you get everything you need to know about the new structure. K.R.I.K. And, if with a painting by Munch instead of an emblem, then also fear.”


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