US interest in reducing tensions with Russia – White House

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during a regular briefing that Washington wants de-escalation in relations with Moscow

US interest in reducing tensions with Russia - White House
The spokeswoman said Washington does not see one package of sanctions as a “silver bullet” that will change the Russian government’s behaviour. Psaki stressed that it was “imperative that there be consequences for Russia for behaviour that the US finds totally unacceptable”.

“In terms of the success rate of these measures, our goal is to reduce tensions in the relationship, and to be able to talk about our concerns, to take the necessary action in response to Russian behaviour. But also to make the relationship predictable and stable”, –  Psaki said.

We shall remind you that on 15 April, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order imposing sanctions against Russia. In particular, debt obligations issued by the Central Bank, the National Welfare Fund or the Russian Finance Ministry were banned for US companies. It has also announced the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats.

Alexei Pushkov, senator of the Russian Federation: “Oh, yes! We’ve noticed – all the US does is “seek to reduce tensions”. And of course sanctions are not the only tool! There is also the threat of their expansion, there is the deployment of missile defence systems in Poland and Romania, which of course are directed against Iran, there is the regular sending of military vessels into the Black Sea, the regular expulsion of Russian diplomats, there is the heated support announced the other day for the mass expulsion of our diplomats from the Czech Republic, there is the bitter fight against Nord Stream 2 and much more. So, yes: sanctions are not the only tool.”


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