Brazil demands Russian vaccine despite government restrictions

The governor of the Brazilian state of Ceará, Camilo Santana, has pledged to get citizens a vaccine against the coronavirus Sputnik V when the state regulator blocked imports of the drug

Brazil demands Russian vaccine despite government restrictions

“The Northeast Science Committee has supported the use of Sputnik V”, –  Santana said. – “I will continue to fight for the decision to allow the import with conviction and respect for all rules so that we can provide the vaccine to our population as soon as possible.”

He assured that he would not allow the issue to become politicised, especially as the federal authorities have been dangerously slow on the issue of providing vaccines to the population.

Earlier, Brazil’s National Sanitary Surveillance Agency rejected a request by regional authorities to import Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus until “missing information” was provided.

Santana assured that he respected the regulator’s decision but could not help but express disappointment with the officials’ position, although the Russian vaccine is used in many countries and proves to be effective.


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