China says it will support Russia amid tougher Western sanctions

An official spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry has said the country is strongly opposed to the application of unilateral sanctions

China says it will support Russia amid tougher Western sanctions

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Monday that Chinese authorities intend to step up support for Russia amid tougher Western sanctions against Moscow, it was reported.

“We are strongly against the application of unilateral sanctions. China and Russia have a comprehensive partnership with each other. The PRC and Russia will support each other in protecting state sovereignty”, –  he stressed at a regular briefing commenting on the tightening of US sanctions against Moscow.

The diplomat said Beijing hopes that the United States and Russia will establish a constructive political dialogue and resolve differences “on an equal basis, on the principles of mutual respect”.

“The one-sided US sanctions are a manifestation of hegemony, they cause universal protest”, –  Wang Wenbin added.

In the face of a pandemic, the global community must rally to overcome new challenges, the spokesperson clarified.

“In such a situation, efforts aimed at maintaining peace and security in the world must be intensified”, –  he concluded.


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